Obtain Therapy Client Referrals for Your Practice

Clients and therapists deserve the freedom to choose who they work with.

Reach referring professionals effectively. Build your ideal caseload.

Networking meetups with other established therapists are time-consuming, and how many coffee meet-ups can you manage while also running a business?  Dropping business cards off at local doctor's offices hasn't proved fruitful.  Maybe you'd be a great therapist for university students, or clients experiencing a significant life change after being discharged from the hospital, if only you could reach them!

Connect with leading practitioners who are using Consult List for referral management.  Identify and "raise your hand" on cases that fit your practice so that the prospective client knows to contact you for a consultation.

Find ideal clients

Filter and view consultation requests for your specialty, add yourself to specialist referrals lists, and expand your professional networks. With Consult List, therapists have greater control and access to high-quality referrals.

Get known for your work

Health Systems, University and School Counselors, and Full Practices uses Consult List to find therapists like you!  Collect endorsements from supervisors and other colleagues who can speak to the quality of your care.

Customize your profile

Unlike online directories, Consult List empowers clinicians to share more information about clinical training specifically with other professionals on their Clinical Bio.  You can also create subtypes of profiles for each niche you serve. This allows you to pick which profile to share for each specific case; it's the marketing solution to when you have two (seemingly disparate) specialties and want to speak most directly to a prospective client's needs.

Therapist-owned.  Clinically & ethically motivated.  No data selling.  No ties to big tech.