Therapy Referral Management

No more waitlists or directories: with Consult List, therapists come to you.

Finding a therapist shouldn’t be hard- but it is. Consult List is changing that. Instead of clients reaching out to therapists who may or may not be able to help, we have therapists reaching out to clients they know they can assist.

Best of all, the process is completely free for clients.

Here's how it works:

  1. You share your needs, preferences, and coverage- but no identifying information.

  2. Therapists with right-now openings review your needs.

  3. If they're a good match for you, therapists add themselves to your Consult List.

  4. You receive your personalized link, with profiles to review.

  5. You select a therapist to schedule a free consultation.

  6. You start your healing journey.

Your consult list will consist of local therapists who have reviewed your information- including preferences, struggles, demographics, and insurance coverage. No more digging through your insurance directory or fielding back-and-forth emails- just qualified, available, offering-to-help-you therapists.

Traditional Process

  • Endless search through directories and listings.

  • Uncertainty in finding the right fit.

  • Tedious process of contacting and vetting multiple therapists.

  • Lack of control over the referral process.

  • Privacy concerns and oversharing on public platforms where referrals are sometimes shared.

Consult List Process

  • Curated list of therapists who have confirmed their fit and availability.

  • Confidence in finding the right therapist with personalized matches.

  • Therapists do the work to confirm fit and eligibility.

  • Empowered choice to connect with available therapists who align with your needs.

  • Secure and private environment for connecting and receiving support.

Consult List: Stop Searching. Start Healing.

For Therapists:

Welcome to a better, more secure way to send and receive new client referrals.

Building your practice? Overflowing waitlist? Instantly expand your referral sources, maximize your consultation time and curate you case list by connecting only with clients you can truly help. Learn more about how you can obtain therapy client referrals here.

Overflowing waitlist? Allow qualified clinicians to connect with clients you don't have capacity for, ensuring a personalized handoff and seamless start of care. Learn more about how you can refer therapy clients here.

At Consult List, we believe that all clinicians should have the freedom to build their practice according to their unique vision. Whether you're independent or part of a network, we're here to help you grow your practice on your terms. We commit to protecting your privacy and autonomy, no matter how you choose to practice.

For Organizations:

It's important to ensure that the clients and patients your team works with receive the essential mental health support they need. At Consult List, we solve the challenges your organization faces in making efficient and effective client referrals while prioritizing patient care and minimizing liability concerns.

Here's how Consult List can benefit your organization:

  1. Expanded Network: Gain access to a diverse network of qualified therapists who are ready to support your clients.

  2. Streamlined Referrals: Say goodbye to time-consuming and manual referral processes. Consult List automates the referral process, making it quick and efficient to match clients with therapists who meet their specific requirements.

  3. Enhanced Collaboration: Our platform facilitates seamless communication between your organization and therapists, enabling you to work together to provide the best possible care to your clients.

  4. Privacy and Security: Consult List collects absolutely no identifying information about your clients, providing a secure environment for referrals while maintaining privacy compliance.

  5. Customization and Control: Tailor the referral process to align with your organization's unique requirements. Customize the parameters for therapist selection, such as specialties, insurance coverage, and availability, to ensure the best possible matches for your clients.

Join us today and revolutionize the way your organization connects clients with mental health support. Together, let's make sure that your clients receive the care they need and deserve.