Refer Therapy Clients from Your Practice

Save time. Spread hope.

Five minutes can make a lifetime of difference for someone seeking therapy.

Your website earned their confidence.  If you're not the right fit, you can save them from a slew of defeating calls. Instead, send them their own Consult List link which will give them available therapists who offer consultations to good-fit clients.  The client chooses a therapist to get the help they seek, and a grateful colleague gets to do what they do best!

Professionals are collaborating like never before to address America's mental health crisis.

Inclusive Platform

With waitlists spanning months, we're joining together licensed therapists of all types to help connect Americans to available clinicians. The right fit might be a PhD, a LPC, a LCSW, or a LMFT.

Free Platform

Its free to join this project, and seek connections to and for prospective clients. Paid plans are also available, and offer even more time savings.

Local Therapists, Nationally

We have therapist members from all 50 states, and our Ambassadors are working hard to help speed the project's success!

Ready Platform

Consult List is built for therapist collaboration. With multistate reciprocity enabled by legislative compacts, it's an exciting time to be part of this professional collective to meet Americans' needs.

Therapist-owned.  Clinically & ethically motivated.  No data selling.  No ties to big tech.

Anna O'Brien, MA, LPC, ATR-BC CEO and Co-Founder

Our mission is to improve access to quality mental health care while helping therapists find more time to practice self-care and wellness.
There are a growing number of technology-enabled tools aimed at our field, often by companies that may be motivated more by profit than by quality of care.

The Consult List is different. It is clinically and ethically motivated, there is never any data selling, or ties to big tech. The idea for TCL was an organic process that grew out of my own frustration at the inadequacy of the traditional referral system for both therapists and potential clients.

Joining our community of therapists is a safe and private way to improve your practice, bring more balance to your life, and make high quality mental health services available to those who need it for themselves or their loved ones.

We are so glad you are here.